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  • Qualification Degree Bachelor
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  • Experience 10 years

Job Description

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Traffic Engineering Senior Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer Oversight


The primary roles and responsibilities of the selected firm will be to provide one full- time on-site staff member to serve as Senior ITS Engineer for Traffic Engineering, Design Division, Engineering Department and work on all phases, including but not limited to various ITS/traffic signal projects, including planning, conceptual design, final design and construction support. Responsibilities also include establishing design criteria, policies, guidelines and procedures for the installation, inspection, and management of ITS/traffic signal devices, and writing an RFP to select team members for the ITS/traffic signal team. The oversight includes managing both on-site and off-site transportation engineering staff of up to 15 full time equivalent (FTE) staff members. Additional details of the responsibilities associated with this assignment include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Serve as a Transportation Technology Subject Matter Expert for the Traffic Engineering Group. Review current team’s organization and work approach and make recommendations to the Senior Principal Traffic Engineer.

• Lead the respective Traffic Team in the planning, design and installation of various ITS and signal systems, typically focusing on the dynamic message signs, vehicle and pedestrian detection, probe

vehicle surveillance, automated incident and stopped-vehicle detection, automated incident response, traffic signals, and related reporting subsystems.

• Recommend creative technology requirements or deployments at an airport facility and lead the development and implementation of the strategy based upon prior experiences on major transportation


• Develop system engineering documents and oversee system integration of various ITS and traffic signal devices.

• Evaluate various detection, surveillance and electronic signage technologies for their applicability to the facility roadway network.

• Prepare presentations for the Authority’s Executive Director and lead research/follow up on initiatives as needed.

• Lead the development of comprehensive incident response plans and associated dynamic message sign message libraries.

• Lead the development various test procedures for system acceptance testing, witnessing factory and site acceptance testing, operational testing, and participating in final system inspection on behalf of the Engineering Department.

• Participate in the preparation of system documentation, i.e., system operator’s, manager’s, administrator’s, maintenance manuals and training plans.

• Assist agency facility staff with the maintenance or redeployment of the system after installation.

• Lead the review and further development of traffic signal master plans to establish central monitoring and control of all traffic control signals at agency and centralize/integrate operations and maintenance.

• Participate in the emergency evacuation planning, develop various scenarios, and associated optimized traffic signal timing plans to facilitate safe and efficient evacuation of customers and employees in case of emergencies.

• Identify and evaluate the need for signal timing and phasing modifications, plans for implementation to respond to changes in traffic demand, to facilitate special events, emergency evacuations, construction detours, and to enhance operational efficiency in general.

• Develop/modify/adhere to ITS design guidelines and equipment specifications to promote standardization and device interchangeability.

• Work with the ITS/traffic signal field personnel to monitor and track the maintenance, location, health, and redeployment of ITS assets during Construction.

• Proactively manage the traffic signals at the facility to improve traffic conditions.


The firm shall demonstrate that they will provide a point person that can serve the roles and perform the responsibilities mentioned above. Strong interpersonal and written/verbal communications skills are required. The firm shall provide appoint person that meet the experience and qualifications criteria highlighted below, with required knowledge and understanding of the following:

• Candidate must be a licensed Professional Engineer (PE).

• A certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) is desired.

• Candidate must have a minimum of 15 years of Traffic Engineering experience, with at least 10 years of extensive experience related to ITS projects and 5 years related to traffic signals.

• Candidate with leadership and supervisory experience in leading teams on ITS and traffic signal projects is desired.

• Understanding of proactive traffic signal management is desired.

• Understanding of contract drawings, construction cost estimates, construction schedules, and technical specifications is desired.

• Understanding of airport landside operations including parking, pedestrians, vehicles, and frontage operations is desired.

• Thorough understanding of the Authority’s transportation infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of facility roadway networks and day-to-day operations is desirable, including the organizational structure and interrelationship among various departments within the Authority.

• Detailed knowledge of the Authority’s project development and delivery process and information technology resources and standards is also desired. Specifically, thorough knowledge of the Enterprise distributed communications/computing network, the Authority Wide Area Network, Standards and Guidelines for Authority Technology, and Guide to System Administration is preferred.

• Candidate must have prior experience in ITS planning, design and operations.

• Thorough understanding of the fundamental systems engineering principles, and substantial knowledge and experience in applying these principles to ITS projects is desirable.

• Thorough knowledge of all aspects of traffic control signal design and operations, and institutional knowledge of the Authority’s facility traffic operations is desired.

• Experience managing and oversight of ITS projects is also highly desirable. The consultant will represent the Engineering Department on ITS projects, working closely with contractors, consultant firms and system integrators, as well as other departments within the Authority, i.e., Technology Services Department, Construction Management, Engineering Operations, Project Management, and various staff.

• Familiarity with the agency’s ITS Strategic Plan, and ITS Strategic Plan development is highly desirable. The current plan was developed to support the agency’s goals of improving operating efficiencies and environmental performance through advanced management practices that reduce costs,

improve safety and transportation system sustainability. The highest-priority safety goal entails reducing transportation-related fatalities and productivity losses through technology applications that improve the performance of drivers, vehicles and the infrastructure; and reducing crash severities and mitigating the consequences of crash occurrences through detection technologies and by enabling quick response.

Senior Traffic Engineer (Point Person and Oversight) One Senior Traffic Engineer shall be provided by the firm to be the point person for this oversight responsibility. This individual is expected to work on-site from the Authority offices on a full-time basis. Periodic attendance for project meetings at other Authority or consultant offices located inside the authority District is required.

The Senior Transportation Engineer must have a strong technical background in ITS/traffic signal planning, design, operations, and construction.

The individual must have a professional demeanor and shall demonstrate that they have maintained a good working relationship with clients.

Please provide 3 references and billing hrly rate.

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